Meet Our Leadership Team

Rachael Speegle, RN

Chief Executive Officer / Owner

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Eric Speegle, MBA

Chief Operating Officer / Owner

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Mark Braithwaite

Director of Cultivation

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Shawna Brown

Community Relations

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Stephen Costick

Dispensary Operations Manager

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Rachel Hessheimer

Laboratory Manager / Lead Extractionist

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Dot Cook-Simmons

Human Resources

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Caila Mesa

Albuquerque Store Manager

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Nora Parton

Nurse Educator

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If you are interested in joining the Verdes team please fill out our application. If there is an open position and you are a good fit, our HR team will contact you directly. After you complete the application, download the completed form and email to

Verdes Application


Assistant Grower

Reports To: Chief Operating Officer, Director of Cultivation

Collaborates With: Harvest Team Members, Cultivation Team, Post-Harvest Manager, HR Manager, Packaging Manager.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Management of harvesting plants from cultivation rooms: sorting fan leaf, sugar leaf and flower, hand and machine trimming fresh cannabis flowers, transferring fan leaf, sugar leaf, and trimmed flower into the Ante Room.
  • Management of harvest team members: time, activity, schedule, corrective action, performance evaluation.
  • Monitor the accuracy of transferring BioTrack barcode labels with associated trim and flower lots.
  • Oversight of all daily harvesting inventory tasks.
  • Coordinate between the master cultivation schedule, Post-Harvest Manager, Director of Cultivation and Cultivation Team to determine harvesting logistics with consideration towards cultivation, packaging/dispensary and post-harvest needs.
  • Plan and coordinate with the Director of Cultivation when extra help is needed for heavy harvest weeks or when extra tasks are needed for light harvest weeks.
  • Ensure that all procedures are performed correctly, and policy is faithfully followed.
  • Oversee harvest team supply list and conduct weekly inventory and produce purchase orders to restock.
  • Continuous monitoring and evaluation of process efficiency. Proactive development and implementation of new procedures in alignment with industry best practices.
  • Coronado facility solid waste and recycling management and sanitation.
  • Assisting Cultivation Team, Packaging Team and Post-Harvest Manager when needed.

General Housekeeping Responsibilities:  Ensure a safe, clean and efficient harvesting workspace and surrounding warehouse. Oversight of routine cleaning of harvested rooms.

Computer Responsibilities:  Input harvest data into BioTrack and Sharepoint.  Assign and attach barcode labels to plants in cultivation phase, print labels for current harvest schedule.  Basic fluency in Office (Outlook, Excel, Word, Sharepoint) and technical writing. 

Perform other duties as requested.

Harvest Supervisor

Reports To:  Head Grower, Director of Cultivation

Collaborates With: Harvesting Supervisor, Dry/Cure Manager, Operations Manager

Key Responsibilities: 

  • Ensure all plants, equipment, and grow room environments are in good health.
  • Routine daily tasks include hand-watering, cloning, transplanting, pruning, plant training, pest identification/management, room sanitation, grow equipment maintenance, and moving plants throughout the facilities.
  • Must follow all Standard Operating Procedures for cultivation techniques.

Computer Responsibilities:

Intra-office email, calendar, and SharePoint usage using Microsoft Office software.  Plant inventory maintenance using BioTrack THC software.  Task management software app on smart phone.

General Housekeeping Responsibilities:

Cleanliness is paramount to proper cultivation at Verdes and all grow rooms and cultivation areas must be cleaned daily.  All equipment and tools used throughout the day must be properly cleaned and maintained.

Performs other duties as requested.

A successful candidate would be someone who has a passion for growing and the cultivation of cannabis. This is a dirty, labor intensive job that is only for individuals who enjoy and can handle the work.  Initiative, reliability, and team commitment are required to work as an Assistant Grower.

Assistant Growers, on average, work forty to forty-five hours a week spread across six days.  Candidates must be willing and able to work on the weekends consistently