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Rachael Speegle, RN

Chief Executive Officer

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Eric Speegle, MBA


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Mark Braithwaite

Director of Cultivation

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Dot Cook-Simmons

Human Resources

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Shawna Brown

Chief Communications Officer

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Nathan Gilbert

Laboratory Manager / Lead Extraction Tech

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Jodi Yonemoto

Lead Dispensary Strategist

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If you are interested in joining the Verdes team please fill out our application. If there is an open position and you are a good fit, our HR team will contact you directly. After you complete the application, download the completed form and email to

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The Marketing Manager is responsible for developing and implementing data driven marketing plans to meet our company revenue and profit goals. They must continually build and strengthen our brand in a manner that is consistent with our values, true to our story, differentiated from the competition and delivers on our sales goals. This position is responsible for coordinating community outreach, advertising, internal and external event planning and social media. This position directly manages one staff member and one marketing intern at any given time. The marketing manager reports to the CEO.

Marketing Manager Responsibilities:

  • Brand, Strategy, Content and Optimization (client-interfacing work). Facilitates the creation and optimization of all content across all channels to achieve brand awareness, penetration and conversion/sales goals. Approximately 50%.
  • Brand Consistency: Aesthetic oversight of all client facing products in line with organization brand guidelines. Leads brand redevelopments as necessary.
  • Social: IG, FB, Twitter, YouTube
    • Find innovative story-telling methods while understanding industry limitations.
    • Help identify advocates.
    • Oversee day-to-day management of all social platforms with Marketing Assistant.
    • Calendar management, content, posting with strategic hashtags, 2-way engagement, analytics.
          • Newsletters
            • Pitch featured items and educational material with team, create and/or collaborate with our blog, conceptualize targeted campaigns and work with our team to fully utilize tools and optimize all campaigns.
            • Facilitate the creation and distribution of weekly newsletter content.
            • Website
              • Assist with and create content for main site and ecommerce site with the help of our Marketing Assistant, manage education calendars, continuously improve optimization (with assistance of web team), identify and execute promotional opportunities including developing landing pages.
              • Digital Ads
                • Find and work with organizations that allow for digital cannabis ads.
                • Work directly with our design company to create ads that fall in line with larger monthly / quarterly campaigns and meet brand guidelines.
                  • Management
                    • Manage staff including Marketing Assistant, Interns & Contractors.
                    • Lead the application, interview and selection of seasonal interns.
                      • Audience Insights and Targeting (client-intel work). Pull data from analytics tools and/or work closely with a counterpart (in-house + external) to obtain the data; share findings with team; create action plans based on findings. Approximately 30%.
                        • Monthly Google Analytics and e-commerce insights: Work directly with external team who will assist in pulling reports
                        • Monthly newsletter insights: Work directly with external team who will assist in pulling reports
                        • Additional Reporting: BioTrack (in-house collaboration); Other tools as needed.
                        • Monthly Social Media insights.
                            • Non-Digital Marketing. Assist with content for non-digital marketing work, photography, and editing. Assist with in-store retail marketing & displays. Approximately 10%.
                            • Community Engagement. Work directly with dispensary team to schedule staff at cannabis / community events. Respond to reviews/client feedback via online channels. Apply for national and local awards for the organization. Secure speaking opportunities for cannabis educators. Secure PR opportunities as needed. Lead annual give back (philanthropy) committee. Approximately 10%.

                            Skills and Qualifications:

                            • BS in Communications, Marketing, Business or New Media
                            • Master’s degree preferred
                            • Strong understanding of Financial Statements
                            • Minimum 5 years of social media management and/or digital management
                            • Minimum 3 years management experience
                            • Minimum 3-year project management experience
                            • Adequate knowledge of photoshop or equivalent medium
                            • Excellent writing, editing (photo/video/text), presentation and communication skills
                            • Adequate knowledge of web design, web development, CRO and SEO
                            • Experience with data dashboards
                            • Superb analytical skills
                            • Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills
                            • Deep understanding of changing market dynamics

                                                  Job Type: Full-time

                                                  Salary: $17.00 to $25.00 /hour


                                                  • sales or marketing: 3 years (Preferred)
                                                  • marketing: 5 years (Preferred)
                                                  • management: 3 years (Preferred)
                                                  • telemarketing: 5 years (Preferred)
                                                  • project management: 3 years (Preferred)

                                                  Additional Compensation:

                                                  • Store Discounts


                                                  • Health insurance
                                                  • Dental insurance
                                                  • Vision insurance
                                                  • Professional development assistance
                                                  • Paid time off


                                                  • Monday to Friday
                                                  • Day shift
                                                  • 8 hour shift

                                                  Benefit Conditions:

                                                  • Only full-time employees eligible

                                                  Work Remotely:

                                                  • Temporarily due to COVID-19

                                                  Send resume and cover letter to