Six Ways to Use Verdes Cannabis Coconut Oil


Verdes cannabis coconut oil (VCCO) is a versatile cannabis product that can contribute to your overall wellness in several useful ways! Use it alone, mix it into your favorite meals or snacks, or apply topically for spot pain relief. Here’s a short list to help you start exploring the many ways this product can work for you!  #1 – Relieve … Read More

5 Tips for Caring for Your Clone

As you begin your journey of growing your own medicine, we want to help you feel prepared to care for your clone. We sat down with our Cultivation Team to get tips on helping your clone grow into a strong and healthy plant. Here’s their advice – 1. Gather your supplies. Do your research prior to purchasing your clone. Learn … Read More

Verdes Expert Interview – Tips From Our Harvest Team  

This time of year is exciting for those who have a Personal Production License (PPL) to grow their own flower. It’s the time when all your hard work will pay off and you get to harvest your beautiful and healthy plants! To help you prep for harvest season, we interviewed our Harvest Supervisor, Luke and Post-Harvest Manager Ryan and asked … Read More

Budding Cannabis Experts – PHD managing pain with cannabis

As Men’s Health Month continues we spoke with Jegason D., medical cannabis patient and future PhD student, to hear about how he manages his health while juggling school, work and fatherhood. Jegason walked us through his use of medical cannabis and other healthy lifestyle habits. He explained that he and his family have made drastic changes to their physical, mental, … Read More

Patient’s Guide to Understanding Units

One of the most common questions we are asked at Verdes is, “how much cannabis can a patient or caregiver legally purchase and in what time-frame?” The New Mexico Department of Health  (NMDOH) states the following: “Limitation on sales within 90 consecutive calendar days:  A licensed non-profit producer shall not sell or distribute usable cannabis to a qualified patient or primary caregiver … Read More

The Post-Harvest Process with Ryan

Meet Ryan M.! He is the Post Harvest Manager at Verdes. In addition to working full time to bring patients quality medicine, he is also a Lobo working towards his MBA. Let’s find out more about him and his important role at Verdes… What does it mean to be a post-harvest manager? I have been with Verdes for 2 years … Read More

The Person Behind the Product

Meet Celeste! She is the person who helps decide what products we carry at Verdes for our patients. I started out at Verdes as a Customer Service Representative, then I was promoted to Assistant Manager. During my time in the dispensary I learned that no two patient’s needs are the same. From the four-year-old child with epilepsy, to the eighty-year-old … Read More

Growing Cannabis: Insight from Verdes’ Experts

Mark B., Verdes Director of Cultivation and Jose C., Verdes Assistant Grower Meet Jose! I’ve been with The Verdes Foundation for 3 years in a few different roles. In my first position I started in the dispensary working as a customer service representative. Within a year I moved to be the Dispensary Manager, and then I was offered a position in … Read More

Wake & Bake With Spring!

Meet Spring V., Verdes Baker Spring is our baker here at Verdes! She makes the delicious in-house edibles that we carry in our dispensaries. Join us as we get to know a little more about Spring and her important work. How long have you been cooking? I’ve been cooking all my life. Family holiday traditions is definitely where it started … Read More

Live Resin Vs. Rosin with Brandon at Verdes

Hi everyone! Brandon D. here… Thanks to our Director of Nursing and our exceptional extractions team, Verdes staff is well informed about the variety of concentrate options and how they benefit patients. I often recommend concentrates to those who are interested in higher THC options for pain relief while getting the most medicinal value for their money. I know that … Read More