How To Feature: Grenco Liquid Vaporizer

The Grenco Liquid Vaporizer is specifically designed for use with cannabis oil. Each Grenco Liquid is comprised of a base, atomizer and stainless steel encasement, with a total of 3 tanks included in each box set. Please note that the cannabis oil is sold separately.

In this how to we will use Derived Cannabis Oil as our selected concentrate (pictured on the right).

Before you begin, review the product reference card to become familiar with the pieces of the Grenco Liquid Vaporizer. The product reference card and additional accessories are found in the second compartment of Grenco Liquid Vaporizer’s packaging.

Pictured from left to right: 3 G Pen Liquid Tanks with (connected) Atomizers, Rechargeable G Pen Battery, 3 Liquid Containers, 3 Liquid Container Caps, G Cleaning Tips, 1 Wired USB Charger, 1 Wall Adapter.

STEP 1: Remove the black plastic cap from the Derived syringe.

STEP 2: Replace the black plastic cap with the metal oil applicator (found inside of the syringe packaging).

STEP 3: Unscrew the atomizer base from the G Pen Liquid Tank.

STEP 4: Using the syringe, squeeze the oil on to the exposed cotton on both sides of the atomizer base. This primes the cotton for best results.

STEP 5: Place the tip of the syringe inside of the G Pen Liquid Tank. Then squeeze the cannabis oil from the syringe into the tank. IMPORTANT: Only squeeze oil along the inside of the G Pen Liquid Tank and not into the cylinder middle piece. Putting oil in the middle cylinder will cause the oil to leak.

STEP 6: Reconnect the atomizer base into the G Pen Liquid Tank by twisting it to secure the atomizer in place.

STEP 7: Twist to connect the G Pen Liquid Tank to the battery.

Tip: To further saturate the atomizer in your vaporizer, take 5-10 dry puffs before you turn it on. This ensures the cotton on the atomizer is properly primed and will enhance the flavor.

STEP 8: Click the power button on the rechargeable battery 5 times to turn it on. The button will flash a blue light once it is on. Push and hold the button down while you inhale. Exhale and enjoy!

You can reserve the Grenco Liquid Vaporizer online or call us at 505-280-2814 to place yours on hold. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about this smoking device.