Learning how to grind your flower and load your pipe is considered to be a cannabis 101 topic. We focus on teaching you the basics of cannabis so you feel empowered and prepared to find which delivery system works best for you.

In this how-to Alex W. will walk you through grinding your flower and loading your pipe. He chose a Galaxy Honeycomb Pipe, LA Cookies flower and a Vortex Sharp Stone Grinder as his supplies. Please note, each item is sold separately.

Step one:

Gather your supplies: Vortex Sharpe Stone Grinder, Flower, Sparkle Galaxy pipe. (Pictured left to right)

Step two:

Select the bud you would like to grind. Using your fingers, break the bud into several pieces. Place those pieces into the teeth of the first chamber of the grinder.

Step three:

Place the lid of the grinder, teeth down, to crush the flower into the grinder. You will know the lid is placed properly because you will feel the magnet engage.

Step four:

Using both hands, twist the lid and the base of the grinder in opposite directions several times (about 15-20 times). This will grind the bud and filter it into the second chamber. You will know when the flower is properly ground when the first chamber (where the teeth are) is empty. Verdes Tip: when pressing the bud into the teeth, avoid covering the magnet in the middle of the teeth. This will allow the magnet can engage properly.

Step five:

To expose the ground flower, keep the lid intact, while opening the second chamber by unscrewing the top half of the grinder from the base.

Step six:

Load your pipe by taking a pinch of the ground flower from the grinder and placing it in to the bowl of your pipe. Press the flower down lightly with your thumb to secure the flower in your pipe.

Step seven:

You pipe is now loaded and you are ready to smoke.

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