How-to: CBD Hemp Wraps

Our CBD Hemp wraps are great for adding flavor and a boost of medicinal value to your smoking experience. In this how-to Gio shows you how to roll a blunt using our new wraps and offers you a few pro tips!

Step 1:

Gather your supplies. Pictured left to right – LA Cookies Ground, GrapeApe CBD Hemp Wraps, Verdes Lighter

Step 2:

Remove the wraps and filter tips from the packaging. Peel open the wraps to expose the wooden spool. Set the spool and filter tip aside. Pictured from left to right: Verdes Lighter, LA Cookies Ground, filter tip, wrap on spool.





Step 3: 

Hold the wrap with both hands in a horizontal position. Fold the wrap in half long ways to create a crease.

Step 4:

Hold the wrap in one hand and with the other hand place the filter tip in the crease. Be sure it is flush with one of the short ends of the wrap.

Step 5:

With one hand hold the filter tip in place with the wrap. Use your other hand to pop open your ground flower. Slowly tap your flower into the crease of the wrap.






Step 6:

Use the same hand to spread the ground flower evenly in the crease of the wrap. Be sure to keep the filter tip steady and flushed with the end of the wrap.

Step 7:

Close the wrap by folding the wrap around the end where you’ve kept the filter tip. Then continue to fold over the wrap on to itself as you work your way to the opposite end of the blunt.





Step 8:

Seal the wrap the same way you seal an envelope! Lighting moisten the edge of the wrap with your mouth and gently press it shut with your fingers.

Pro tip: Dry the blunt by using your lighter to heat the outside of the wrap by moving the flame while rotating the blunt with your other hand. This will help your blunt burn evenly.

Step 9:

Place the end with the filter tip in to your mouth and light the non-filtered end with your lighter. Inhale and enjoy!

If you have any further questions about these wraps or any other Verdes product, please ask one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives.