Live Resin Vs. Rosin with Brandon at Verdes

Hi everyone! Brandon D. here…

Thanks to our Director of Nursing and our exceptional extractions team, Verdes staff is well informed about the variety of concentrate options and how they benefit patients. I often recommend concentrates to those who are interested in higher THC options for pain relief while getting the most medicinal value for their money.

I know that we have some patients who are completely new to the world of concentrates and others who have some knowledge but still have questions. I was most recently asked about the difference between live resin and rosin, which I am happy to explain here.

“In a nut-shell, the answer to the differences between the two methods are one is a cold fresh flower extraction while the other is a heat pressured dry flower extraction.”

Let’s talk about live resin first.

Live Resin: A Fresh Flower Cold Extraction Process

Hydrocarbon hash oil is the resins from the cannabis plant that are extracted using hydrocarbon solvents. These resins are components of the cannabis plant made mostly of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Hydrocarbon and CO2 concentrates are typically extracted from dried cannabis flower, while live resin is extracted from flower that has been immediately frozen seconds after being harvested. This is where “live resin” gets its name, as the resin is extracted from virtually live plants. By freezing the flower, the terpenes are kept intact preserving the full aroma and great flavor of the cannabis plant. Extractionists work to safely remove the residual solvents from the final product.

Now let’s move on to rosin.

Rosin: A Dried Flower Hot Extraction Process

Instead of using any solvents to extract the resins from the plant, Rosin uses heat and pressure. Rosin’s solventless technique is “green”, meaning it is

environmentally friendly since no additional substance is added during the extraction process.

Rosin can be made into several different textures or consistencies, such as “budder” (typically a soft texture), or wax (typically a harder, glass like texture) giving patients a variety of ways to enjoy a very effective solvent free concentrate.

What Live Resin and Rosin Have In Common

All of the flower that Verdes uses for both live resin and rosin extractions is premium quality flower. Something else to note is though more terpenes are preserved with live resin, rosin also keeps much of its terpene profile. Both of these concentrates also have a high THC value making them extremely medicinal potent considering that THC binds to the pain receptors in our brains.

These concentrates are easy to use and can be smoked with a vaporizer, dab rig or nectar collector.

If you have questions about any of the concentrates we carry at Verdes know that you can always ask me or any one of the Verdes team!

– Brandon D., Verdes Customer Service Representative