The Verdes Farm is an exciting new medical cannabis farming project slated for completion in Spring 2018. The farm will act as one of the grow facilities for The Verdes Foundation.

Using a state-of-the-art light depriving greenhouse, carbon filtration, and rain catch reservoirs, The Verdes Foundation anticipates growing approximately 100 medical cannabis plants at the farm to provide quality medication for its nearly 7,000 patients. The Verdes Foundation is proud to keep the tradition of agriculture alive in a historical New Mexico community.

Frequently Asked Questions

The farm is in Corrales, New Mexico on property zoned for agricultural use.
The current plans allow for up to 100 plants to grow at this site within one greenhouse. The New Mexico Department of Health limits all producers to a total of 450 plants per license. The farm will meet all New Mexico Department of Health requirements.
No. The Verdes Farm is planned to serve as a location that grows plants for the Verdes Foundation dispensaries.
Per the New Mexico Department of Health regulations, The Verdes farm will be equipped with a fully operational state-of-the-art security alarm system that will be discreet to its neighbors. This system will be monitored for any unauthorized activity. In discussions with medical cannabis producers in the area, there have not been security issues with other grow house operations, similar to The Verdes Foundation’s experience with its current grow operation.
The Verdes Farm plans to build one greenhouse and one storage facility to accommodate growing approximately 100 plants. From discussions and feedback with neighbors of the Farm, we made changes to perimeter fencing to allow for views of the bosque. The property will be beautifully landscaped and will fit the character of the neighborhood.

Click here to see a digital rendering of the farm.

The farm is being designed to limit any light, odor, and noise from the property. We are committed to being a good neighbor.
o The greenhouse will use light depriving technology to keep light inside and eliminate outside light pollution.
o In addition to light deprivation greenhouse, the greenhouse will use a high-tech carbon filtration to reduce any potential plant odor.
o The farm anticipates having 2-6 employees and will not provide retail operations making traffic in and out of the farm limited.
o The property is not configured to accommodate full-size tractor-trailers therefore there will not be any semi-truck traffic.
o The farm will also utilize rain catch reservoirs and ensure compliance with all regulations.
The farm is slated for completion in Spring 2018.
No, all cannabis grown at the farm will be made available at Verdes dispensary locations for all New Mexico medical cannabis card holding patients.