Patient’s Guide to Understanding Units

One of the most common questions we are asked at Verdes is, “how much cannabis can a patient or caregiver legally purchase and in what time-frame?” The New Mexico Department of Health  (NMDOH) states the following:

“Limitation on sales within 90 consecutive calendar days:  A licensed non-profit producer shall not sell or distribute usable cannabis to a qualified patient or primary caregiver in a total quantity that exceeds 230 units, as described in department rules concerning patient registry identification cards, within any 90-day period, unless the qualified patient or primary caregiver presents proof of a valid medical exception granted by the department.”

While it’s a simple rule, it gets a little more complicated in practice. Though often referred to as the “90-day period of 230 units” , the reality for patients is that what day or month it is has no effect on your unit availability during a given visit to Verdes. Instead, we must look at how many unit’s worth of product you’ve purchased in the past 90 days. This helps us make sure that your next purchase won’t put you over the 230 units or 8-ounce limit put in place by the NMDOH.  Using the state compliance software BioTrackTHC, we can simply verify with the NMDOH Medical Cannabis Program’s server on how many units are available to you.

An Easy Way to Look at Units

.5 oz. of Boy Scout Cookie flower

Units for flower:

Since 1 gram = 1 unit, we can calculate that 8 ounces equals 230 units. A patient can always purchase 230 grams minus the number of grams they’ve purchased in the past 90 days. For example, if you’ve purchased 40 grams in the past 90 days, you’ll have 190 units still available. Each day, the 90-day period covers slightly different dates, so whenever a previous purchase becomes more than 90 days old, that number of grams becomes available again.

What about concentrates and edibles?  This is calculated the same way as above, however, it involves a little more math based on potency; we will break it down into an easy formula.

Units for edibles:

200mg of THC = 1unit.  For example, 1x 200mg chocolate bar = 1 unit.

Seems simple right?

Here’s another one: 100mg of THC = .5 of a unit.

Units for concentrates:

If 1 gram of concentrate is 60.0% THC, you simply move the decimal one place to the right making the total 600 or 600mg of THC.

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Now you can divide 600 into the 200mg, or 1 unit formula. This leads to 3, or 3 units. For a .5 gram of concentrate at the same potency, 60.0%, follow the same formula, 600 divided by 200 = 3 then divide the 3 by 2 = 1.5, or 1.5units for the .5g of concentrate.

Tracking Your Units:

Our experience has been that some patients run into issues where they run low on units within the 90-day period and those that do often can find it quite frustrating. If you’ve misplaced your medicine or your symptoms flare up unexpectedly, it can be tricky to determine exactly what you may purchase and when. Keeping track of your receipts, date of purchases and unit availably can help you to anticipate future availability. Try keeping a log to track your units. Our our helpful Customer Services Representatives are also happy to check your purchase history any time through BioTrackTHC to let you know what your options are.

– Stephen S. Verdes Operations Manager