Verdes Madness 2020 – Rule Book

We are excited to offer this mad promotion to help you score unlimited loyalty rewards! Verdes Madness 2020 is live and in stores from March 16th to April 4th. More brackets = more rewards!

Tip off: Here’s how it works.

Swap your regular loyalty reward stamp card for a Verdes Madness Bracket. The bracket card will replace your loyalty reward stamp card for as long as you choose to participate. Fill your bracket by purchasing cannabis products. One cannabis product per box. Once you’ve filled all 15 boxes, you will receive your choice of one of the following:

  • 1 g pre-roll
  • 1 oz. topical salve
  • 40 mg cookies.
Madness Bracket

Madness Bracket

Team players: Here’s how we help.

Our customer service representatives will help fill out your bracket by noting which products are purchased and validating the box with a Verdes Loyalty Stamp.

The best part? Unlimited Rewards!
Madness Stamped Bracket

Madness Stamped Bracket

Madness Rewards

Madness Rewards

Verdes Madness accelerates your ability to collect loyalty rewards. Instead of collecting

loyalty stamps per visit, you can now collect stamps per cannabis product purchased. Buy 15 cannabis products = one loyalty reward. No limit on brackets.

Play as many brackets as you like and score, score, score!


Out of bounds: The Rules.
  • Only cannabis products are eligible for play.
  • One cannabis product per box. You will receive one stamp for each cannabis product purchased. 1 gram = one stamp. One 4 gram container = one stamp.
  • Verdes Customer Service Rep will fill out the bracket and validate boxes. Only complete brackets with validating stamps will be honored.
  • If your bracket is lost or stolen you will have to begin a new one. No retroactive validations will be made. It is important to KEEP YOUR BRACKET SAFE.
  • If you forget your bracket you may fill out another and they may be combined later. Only boxes validated with a stamp will be counted.

Jump ball is yours! LET’S GO VERDES MADNESS 2020!

More brackets = More rewards!
Madness Play

Madness Play