2019 Green Week

We are excited to celebrate another 420 with you. This year we are offering specials and features leading up to the big day! Check them out below…


All sales and specials are while supplies last. No combined discounts. No online or phone orders on 4/20. All featured items must be picked up same day as sale.

15% OFF T-shirts & Hoodies
15% OFF Vape Pen Batteries, D-Box Vaporizers, and Glassware
15% OFF Hops Tinctures, Soaking Salts, Verdes Candles & Verdes Salve AND Free Hand Massages from 10am-12pm
1/2 gram Bedtime Blend, Go Blend, & Love Potion Blend Kief $14
LA Cookies $9.50/gram

Open from 9 am - 7 pm!

Double Loyalty Stamps from 5 pm - 7 pm

Pre-Packed Mini Glass Pipes $3

Pick 3 Single-Strain 1/2 gram Pre-Rolls $18

1/2 Ounce Blossom Jars $130

420 Specialty Blend Sugar Puffs $17

420 Specialty Blend Pre-Rolls $12.50

420 M&M Button Cookies 3-Pack (60mg / pack) $6