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For a discreet and efficient method, tinctures are wonderfully versatile and allow drop-by-drop dosing. By learning your minimum effective dose (MED), you save money, choose products with the ideal potency, and can enjoy the benefits of more worthwhile treatment. With sublingual consumption, the cannabinoids are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Tinctures are low in calories and can last for years when stored properly.

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Top-Quality Tinctures from Verdes

Verdes offers fourteen different types of tinctures in uplifting sativa, relaxing indica, CBD, and balanced THC/CBD.

How To Use Tinctures:

  • Ingestion – Swallowed or added to food much like an edible, onset through ingestion is delayed by approximately two hours but delivers a stronger, more sedative effect than sublingual dosing. The THC is also converted to a more potent form.
  • Sublingual – Rapidly absorbed through the sublingual artery, sublingual applications offer onset within fifteen to thirty minutes. Active ingredients are transmitted into the bloodstream directly through the lining of the mouth. This method is helpful for treating intense pain very quickly.
  • Topical – From acne and skin irritations to sore muscles, tinctures can be applied directly to a specific area for localized relief.

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