You’ve probably heard a lot about THC. It is the psychoactive cannabinoid in cannabis that makes you feel intoxicated in addition to other beneficial mental and physical effects. But what about a lesser known cannabinoid called THC-A (THCA)?

THC-A is NOT psychoactive.

The major benefit of this raw form of THC is that it has less risk of intoxication. It is ideal for those who need increased body comfort without mental stimulation. Initial studies are finding that this component of cannabis is proving beneficial for reducing inflammation, curbing nausea, increasing appetite, and as a nerve protective agent particularly in regard to degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

THC-A meets many needs.

Do you need help with inflammation? Do you suffer from nausea? Did you find CBD ineffective?

You may find that THC-A is a the right fit for you.

How do we make THC-A products?

If you eat cannabis in its raw form, you will be consuming mostly THC-A and very little THC. People have historically heated cannabis to turn it into the more activated for, which is the intoxicating THC that we are all familiar with. At Verdes, we extract THC-A through a cold process that ensures the highest integrity of the cannabinoids.

You can take THC-A more often throughout the day because it is not mind-altering. As always, go low and slow! Try it out in a controlled environment that you feel comfortable in until you know how it affects you. You can expect a THC-A tincture to take effect in about 20 minutes and last about two hours.

Verdes THC-A Tincture $45
With THC-A remember to AVOID HEAT!

It is important to understand that THC-A can be activated and turned into THC (a psychoactive cannabinoid) with heat and/or acidity. Activation of THC-A into THC occurs when it’s heated to about 220°F. THC-A will also convert to THC if you mix it with acidic liquids like coffee or orange juice.

For those who are comfortable using cannabis, consider the effect you want and manipulate the tincture accordingly. You may enjoy the benefits of converting THC-A if you prefer euphoric effects. Compounding THC-A with more traditional forms of THC, like smoking, may produce even more body comfort.

We’re here to help.

Stop by and speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives to find out more about our new THC-A tincture!


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